What Is Pixel Advertising

What Is Pixel Advertising

There is a new form of advertising that is taking off and from the news coverage it is getting it may be the next biggest thing since PPC. Currently, webmasters spend huge amounts of money to get web visitors via banner ads, popup ads, and pay-per-click ads. The newest model of attracting traffic is called Pixel Advertising. 

The basic premise is that people buy pixels on a web page that link back to their website. The pixels form images that develop into a mosaic that can become a pop culture piece of art. Kind of like the cigar wrapper art. The result is a web page that gets good traffic with a link back to their site, which drives visitors, which drives sales. 

Driving this new medium is the notion that pay per click costs too much... If you had 10 clicks a day at 10 cents each, in one year it would cost you $365! Take that out 5 years and you are talking about over $1800! The reality is that often clicks cost a lot more than 10 cents each which translates to a whole lot more money. People have been reported paying more than $50 a click. 

Pixel ads are a single purchase and last for years. It is not uncommon to see people offering their space for 5 to 10 years. With a good quality image, it could return more visitors to your website than pay per click at huge savings. Spaces are most commonly sold in 10 by 10-pixel blocks at 25 cents per pixel up to over a dollar a pixel. (100 pixels total in a block). Most sell in the 10px by 10px minimum format since this is logically the smallest usable space. All the blocks bought commonly must form a square or rectangle. 

Pixel advertising is just in its infancy. It is still too early to tell where it may lead, but for as little as they cost, the pixel ads are probably money well spent. It is after all a drop in the bucket from an advertising costs standpoint. At the least, it will add to the collection of inbound links that all sites need to be successful.

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