New-Advertising - Get your creative juices flowing if you want to be an Ad Maker

Get your creative juices flowing if you want to be an ad maker

Get your creative juices flowing if you want to be an Ad Maker

For those who have no creativity as a built-in talent, it takes some hard work to learn the art of advertising. There are some really basic tricks involved.

First, try to put things that you have, to use, such as the five senses with your brain. The eyes can capture the most beautiful scenes. Try to remember the creative ones. Try observing Mother Nature such as observing the sunset, and color patterns such as yellow, orange, red and purple. Observe the greenery around, plants and animals. After that, use your ears and mouth and try to increase the power of observation. This can be done by touring the neighborhood or nearby park and trying to observe new things every day at the same location. Just seeing something is not enough, analyze the expressions of people around you and analyze the emotions they portray. The brain can be fed with many things at once, so carry your camera with you and take lots of pictures of things from different angles and different lighting. Try to understand and capture moods and things, which will help create a perfect scene. Like vanilla ice cream, it will become more attractive when cherry leaves and mint are added as the top spot. Play with lighting effects.

Take notes along with photos. Creating a blueprint is similar in future work. Important things can be emphasized or starred. During this procedure, if any question arises in your mind, write it down as well, to find an answer at a later stage. This is a great learning technique. Try to listen a lot, collect those things in the brain, and then take them out of your mind. Try to create a rhythm between works, such as poetry, but not exactly. In the fifth sense, touch can be used to learn a different perspective on life. Try to close your eyes and feel objects around you, as if the satin sheet was more seductive than cotton paper.

Usually, developing a pen carry and notepad all the time. It is not only useful for taking notes but can also be used as a reminder for meetings and interviews. While waiting for something or someone, doodle on your notepad. Try to draw things and apply those amazing ideas that come to mind. Go home and then draw these ideas, if not every day, at least on weekends. Other than drawing, try something new on weekends like golf, canoeing or rock climbing. Watching TV and shopping can provide good ideas. When something disturbs the mind, do not go to sleep until the problem is solved. This increases enthusiasm and determination. Again, note the points in Notepad at this time.

If there is plenty of time available, join courses that increase creativity such as photography, painting, martial arts, etc. It doesn't have to be directly related to the ad. Keep a diary and jot down happening every day, especially goodies. Learn the art of humor, read books, see people and animals, and then practice them by trying to put a smile on the faces around you. Search for great characters associated with the arts. Read their CVs, some problems they may face are answered and can learn the path to take.

After looking at all the above steps, creative instincts will begin to evolve. So the next time you click any idea, you trust your instincts and work on them. Feel free to try new ideas. Try to interact with people who encourage you, believe in you, and don't block your thinking. After breaking your heart, you can connect with newspapers and advertising agencies with your original stories, articles, and works. No matter what is learned throughout the whole experience, there is no harm in sharing it and teaching it with others.

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