What Makes Dating and a Kiss Extra Special in Chicago?

What Makes Dating and a Kiss Extra Special in Chicago?

Romance… The history of mankind could not deny that it is something irresistible. Yes, even a heart of callous allowed it to prick him once in his life or more. And, it all starts with a romantic date. And, where could be that spot of the world be?

Chicago is a spot where lovers could feel free and show to the oblate-spherical world the rush of love they share. What about kissing while in this land of romance? A kiss says it all, right? So, to all lovers, drop those hesitations down. Visit Chicago hold your partner’s waist or chin and seal the day with the most unforgettable kiss. But wait, for a kiss to be worth-cherishing, a warm-gravitating-serene venue would set the mood for loving. 

Explore the beauty of the aquatic life outside the ocean; visit the world’s largest aquarium, the Chicago Oceanarium. Show the bookworm in you; grab and read a book at the world’s largest public library, the Harold Washington Library Center. Let go of that wild appetite; fill up your plate with mouth-watering food during the world’s largest food festival; the Taste of Chicago food fest. Express your love for the performing arts; go to the world’s largest stand-alone theater, the Uptown Theater. All of these enigmatic wonders will surely trap your breath and get you addicted to the fine, warm, and romantic place in one of the states of America, Chicago. 

A candlelit dinner while your theme song is being played from a flamenco guitar is simply irresistible. You can have the kiss of your life at Geja’s Café. It is located at 340 W Avenue, Chicago IL.

Are you fond of stealing kisses? Vivo is the place for both of you. Find your way to 838 W Randolph St, Chicago IL, and see for yourself what a private table and a converted elevator shaft change the way you see your partner now.

Do you want to show off your alluring spouse to the eyes of many? Is kissing in a public place the best for you? Buckingham fountain must be your place for that hot kiss. It is not only one of Chicago’s known landmarks but in its midst lies a gravity that pulls lovers to make picture-perfect kisses. It is at Grant Park, Chicago, IL.

Are you fixated on your childhood? If you want to bring out the kids in both of you, why not share a kiss while you feel the air on a Ferris wheel? The city skyline is the best backdrop. Pull her hands and look for the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. It is located at 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago IL.

Most of us are afraid of the dark. However, this principle vanishes into thin air if you spend the beauty of the darkness with the one you adore the most, right? Imagine glass doors and behind it in the Asian art section, a meditative gallery is just too dark. Imagining it sends one to orbit, how much more if you are right there? The Art Institute of Chicago awaits you. Go take a cab to 111 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL.

Do your hormones go untamable when you get tipsy? Drop lust, welcome passion as the low-lit jazzy atmosphere of Pops for champagne at 2934 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL will naturally end your night with a lip-lock.

It is undeniable that a kiss itself sounds special but if you consider going to these places with your sweetheart, you will unravel the truth that it tastes even better!

What are you waiting for?

Go to Chicago. Have the date of your life. Kiss… Fall in love…

All over again…


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