If I want to date with my office mate…

If I want to date with my office mate…

Love or any of its elements seem to bloom in any place- even the places you least expect it to grow in. Workplace? It is not that impossible at all. It is even one of the best venues to search for a prospective life partner since one is more aware of what this other person is. You work with that person so you get to know more of him inside and out. On the second thought, is it a bed of roses in all angles?

The answer is of course- NO. In whatever form of a romance story, there will always be these villains. But, what if you want to go out and have a date with a co-worker?

Just imagine this: a male co-worker sends a present to you, it will surely be a big-hot issue for the whole office. The bigger issue to face is the negative consequences entailed by the romance you choose to have. There are some reasons why office romance is not allowed by some companies. Therefore, be sure to make yourself aware of the internal rules of the company. For some, it is a grave offense and an employee will be terminated from work.

Romance at work will greatly affect an employee’s decision-making. With this, team efforts and some team tasks will be moved by couple-employees. It is a fact that once personal life s inserted in professionalism, trouble might bite.

Another picture is that for couples, what if one gets the promotion over the other? Yes, they are lovers but there will always be that “” ego” ing since both people are having the same job. Professionals as they are, they have that aim to be at par with the rest of the employees.

Reassignment is another issue. Some companies reassign one of the persons to another task just to overcome assumed effects which may not well for the company. If the reassignment of the other person is not favorable for the relationship, it will plunge down their good performance. Thus, it affects their overall production.

When a couple is constantly together, it will also affect the team tasks where may one of them join into. Other co-workers will also be affected and intimidated.

Despite all of these negative effects, there will always be that positive thing about romance at work. You meet a partner who could understand you and your mood swings because you share the same pressures of work. 

When you are just on the dating stage, see to it that you do it as discreetly as you could without triggering some possible gossips that may just affect you and the person involved. Being professional includes knowing how to put that margin between your workplace and your private life.

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