Home Security for Peace of Mind

Home Security for Peace of Mind

In today’s world, home security is no longer about having gates locked or a dog prowling the yard. Today, home burglaries take place with alarming frequency. Federal statistics indicate that home burglaries are climbing toward ten percent from 2004. Why such a rise? The reason is that security in convenience stores, malls, and gas stations are using monitoring cameras and security alarms to protect their employees and assets. This causes the thief to seek other means of revenue. Your home!

There are seven reasons to consider a security system for your peace of mind:

1) As stated earlier, home burglaries and invasions have risen from past statistics. The thieves or drug users of today have no problem entering your unguarded home and taking whatever money they need or items they are after. In addition, more families are two-income families. This means there’s no one at home for large portions of time. If there are children, often they are left with a nanny or babysitter. In some instances, these individuals need to monitor.

2) The installation of a security system will help the homeowner protect property and possessions against any intruder and, depending on the homeowner's needs, can even give an “eye” into the activity of those looking after your children. It’s an effective way to protect your home and your loved ones.

3) The surveillance systems on the market today are relatively inexpensive when compared to home protection. In addition, most surveillance cameras are easy to install when following mounting and networking instructions, if there is more than one camera involved in your home protection plan. 

4) Most surveillance systems of today can be integrated and interfaced to alert security personnel or police. In an emergency, the appropriate home or business security system can instantly transmit a call to 911 and simultaneously record the activity. This is very useful information for insurance companies and the courts.

5) Surveillance cameras can record any event that takes place on a property. In the event of vandalism or fire, the recorded event will assist law enforcement in prosecution and insurance companies in processing a claim. 

6) Home surveillance should not be considered as merely a present investment of protection for the property owner. Home security systems increase the marketable value of one’s property. Today’s property buyer wants the security of the investment.

7) The security system packages in today’s market are various and diverse. This variety gives the homeowner or renter a wide range of options in developing a quality security program. For apartment renters subscribing to monthly security, the program could prove to be an economical way to protect possessions and loved ones. These subscriptions operate much like subscribing to the telephone or cable company.

In today’s world, home security has become more than making sure the doors are locked and gates secured. The criminals of today have become adept at navigating simple security systems. But with a comprehensive security plan the homeowner can record these navigations, should a thief dare. With the appropriate surveillance system, loved ones can be protected from unsuspected individuals. And lastly, surveillance systems are very useful to law enforcement and the courts. A dog’s testimony is nothing but a yelp, but the evidence captured by a surveillance camera is a bite in crime!

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