What happens during an examination?

What happens during an examination?

 This question often looks so simple but holds more meaning in that. During the examination of your dog, first, you need to prepare the dog psychologically for a better-restrained status. For this, you need to take a leash and place the dog on the table by the careful delivery of suitable command. 

 When the dog is trying to avoid the thorough examination by the veterinarian, just try to distract the dog by simply scratching your dog behind the ears, etc. Hence, the dog’s attention is somewhat diverted from the examination procedures that are carried out often in a systematic manner. 

 However, there are obedient dogs, which will remain calm during an examination. Such dogs need to be given some patting on the shoulder or the body and praises. Perhaps, many owners may try to provide some treats that are liked so much by the concerned dogs. However, it all depends on the training offered to the concerned dog earlier and the effective follow-up procedures by the owner for the maintenance of such reflexes during the examination. 

 Muzzles are required for some dogs if they behave differently by objecting to the examination procedures by the frequent movements of the body or trying to bite the veterinarian examining the dog. Hence, the owner needs to observe the dog closely during the examination to rule out any abnormal activity by the dog.

 Restraining activities in a proper manner during the clinical examination of the dog are highly appreciable if they are successful with the concerned dogs. Such control will be highly helpful for the effective examination of the patient by the concerned veterinarian in the pet clinic.    

If the dog gets more distracted during examination using restlessness, then one may even use the electronic equipment which will make some sound that is audible to the dogs’ ear. Such things will be helpful in the proper distraction of the animal during the examination.

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