Should You Apply for Non-Advertised Jobs?

Should You Apply for Non-Advertised Jobs?

Are you in search of a new job? If you are and if you are like most job seekers, there is a good chance that you would turn to the internet, namely job posting websites, or to your local newspaper, namely the employment section. While these are the best ways to go about finding information on available jobs, many job seekers choose to submit resumes or job applications to those who are not hiring. Before you start taking this approach, you will want to examine the pros and cons of doing so.

Before examining the pros and cons of submitting a job application or your resume to a company that is not hiring, you may be curious as to how you can go about doing so. When taking this approach, many job seekers use two different options. In today’s society, many businesses have online websites. These online websites may give the mailing address to the company in question. Many job seekers will submit their resumes to that address in hopes of seeing success. Others will simply mail in or drop off their resumes or job applications to local companies that they know the address to.

As for the pros and cons of applying for non-advertised jobs, you will find that there are several pros or plus sides to doing so. One of the pros or plus sides to submitting your resume or a job application to a company that does not advertise or state that they have any current job openings is the jumpstart that you can give yourself. Many companies will choose to take out job advertisements when they have open positions, but others will just go through their current pile of resumes and job applications. If you play your cards right, one of those resumes or job applications may be yours.

Another one of the many pros to applying for non-advertised jobs is the impression that you may create of yourself. Many employers view the submission of job applications and resume as showing initiative. This is the type of impression that you want to create for yourself. You want a prospective employer to be pleased with your wants and your need to have a job, namely with their company.  

Although there are several pros and sides to applying to non-advertised jobs, there are also several cons or downsides to doing so as well. One of those downsides is the impression that you can make. As previously stated, some employers may view the submitting of a resume or a job application as showing initiative, but you may be surprised how others feel about the same action. You may end up creating a bad name for yourself without meaning to do so. It is possible that some companies would view your submission of an unsolicited resume or job application as spam.

Another one of the cons or downsides to applying for non-advertised jobs is the response time. As previously stated, many companies choose to go through their pile of job applications and resumes. One of these job applications and resumes can be yours, but you never know when you may end up getting a call for a job interview. You could receive a phone call in a few weeks, a few months, or even a year later. This may not help you if you are looking to find a new job now. With that in mind, you may have nothing to lose by submitting your resume or job application anyways. You may be surprised by a quick response time.

As outlined above, there are several pros and cons to submitting your job application or resume for a non-advertised position or company. Since the decision is yours to make, you will want to proceed with caution, as your intentions can swing both ways. That is why you should consider the above-mentioned factors when making your decision.

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