Misuse of Google AdSense

Misuse of Google AdSense 

Google AdSense's advertising system stands like a star among the other advertising system. The popularity of the Google AdSense program can be judged from the fact that most websites today serve Google AdSense Ads. Some of the websites are just so full of Google AdSense Ads that the rest of the content on the website is much dwarfed. These are the websites that are especially targeted at earning revenue through the Google AdSense system.

Some website owners use wrong/ illegal tactics to increase their revenue from the Google AdSense program. One example of misuse of the Google AdSense program is websites that do not contain any useful information but, instead, have a lot of keyword-based content that is targeted at fooling the search engines. Such websites are categorized as “AdSense Farms”. Sometimes website owners might use a large number of websites to create even bigger “AdSense Farms” that have completely useless content. However, this might lead to disqualification from the Google AdSense program. Another misuse of the Google AdSense program is seen in the use of free content e.g. content from Wikipedia to attract traffic to the website. Google is always on the lookout for such websites and they keep upgrading their technology to bypass such websites. So, never use such methods that can get you barred from the Google AdSense program. And remember, it’s difficult to outsmart Google on this front.

There are sufficient tricks and legal tactics available for getting more traffic to your website and for increasing the earning potential from your website. Use those tricks and track the performance of your websites to increase your revenues. 

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