Making the AdSense Ads suit your website – Part 1 (shape and size)

Making the AdSense Ads suit your website – Part 1 (shape and size)

Google AdSense program can reap even richer dividends for you if you can attract more visitors to your website and if you can prompt them to take action (i.e. click on the AdSense Ads). Google disallows statements that ask the visitors to click on the AdSense Ads. Google AdSense Ads are to be marked in some way as advertisements. However, there are other authentic ways of getting the clicks on your AdSense Ads.

Besides the copy and quality content, you can also improve the performance of your AdSense Ads by either making them blend with your website or making them stand out. The aim is to make the AdSense Ads more attractive/ appealing to your website visitors and to make them look in place (not out of place). Google too recognizes this need and hence it provides you with customization options for making the Ads look the way you want them to.

You can make the AdSense Ads suit your website by controlling the shape, size, color, and positioning of the Ads. Let’s have a brief look at the first two properties i.e. shape and size:

1. Shape of your AdSense Ads: This is one of the most important customizations options that you have at your disposal. You can make your selection from several Ad formats that Google makes available to you. These include skyscrapers, single ad blocks, and banners. Just check the suitability of the shape concerning the webpage where you wish to include the AdSense Ad.

2. Size of your AdSense Ads: Again, you can use AdSense Ads of various sizes. The size is important not only for making the Ads look suited to your website but also for determining the number of Ads that can be displayed on the webpage by the Google AdSense program. A large size generally means that more Ads can be displayed on the page (and hence presents the opportunity for earning more revenue with increased impressions).

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