Heart worm, fleas and other parasites

Heartworm, fleas, and other parasites

 Heartworm, fleas, and other parasites in dogs need to be eliminated by following appropriate medications in them. Many products have come up in the commercial fields to protect dogs from heartworms, fleas, and other parasites like hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, lice, ticks, etc. 

 Among the heartworm, fleas, and other parasites, the fleas produce hypersensitive reactions in the affected animals. Hence, the animals infected with fleas start severely scratching of bodies. Many times, the scratching is so severe and the skin becomes more hyperemic and dermatitis occurs in the affected areas. 

 The animal will not lie down or sleep comfortably due to the constant bites by the fleas. Hence, the animal looks as if affected by some severe skin disease. If the animal is not properly attended for this tick bite problem, there will be often secondary bacterial invasions in these sites and there may even be a bad smell emanating from the skin areas. 

 Close observation of the dog is highly essential to rule out the occurrence of fleas disturbing the animal to a greater extent. Similarly, the skin of the animal needs to be tested for the presence of ticks, lice, etc. For this, the hair materials need to be separated and close observation with patience is required for the proper diagnosis.

 In many incidences, if anemia is present, the blood protozoa need to be ruled out in addition to the hookworm problems. The clinical problems like anemia, loose motion, pot belly, etc. might be recognized by the dog owners themselves and however, the dog needs to undergo a routine health-related examination involving fecal examination, hematological examination, and blood smear examination.  

 Many commercial products have come up in the market, which is useful to deal with all these conditions by a single dose. Drugs like ivermectin are highly useful and are available in both injection and oral form in addition to the solution form that can be applied on the skin. These drugs in dogs can lead to the prophylaxis of these conditions also.  

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