Etiquette Rules during Job Interviews

Etiquette Rules during Job Interviews

During an interview, you need to mind your manners and follow an unspoken code of 

etiquette. This is more than your mom’s “keep your elbows off the table.” Business 

manners are going to be key, an interview is so much more than what you have to say – it 

is how you present (or sell) yourself. If part of the job you are applying for is dealing 

with clients or executives from other companies, you can be guaranteed how you act is 

part of the decision-making process.

Eye contact, you have to be able to maintain eye contact without being uncomfortable.  

There are some acceptable ways to do this. If you are answering a question, it is okay to 

glance away when gathering your thoughts but if you are listening to someone keep your 

attention focused on them (even if their eyes are wandering). This shows good manners 

and that you care about what they have to say.

Do not under any circumstances have gum or a mint in your mouth during the interview.  

If you want to be sure that you have fresh breath, chew gum or suck on the mint before 

arriving at your destination but discard or finish them before you enter the building. It is 

distracting and rude to have them in your mouth when answering questions.

Use your interviewer’s name, ideally, you found out who you would be interviewed by 

when the meeting was arranged. If it isn’t provided to you, be sure to ask who you will 

be meeting with and their position. When you arrive, shake hands and greet the person 

by name. If you are just learning their name, repeat it and remember it. You want to be 

sure to get it right and thank them for their time when you are leaving.

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