Clipping a dog

Clipping a dog

 Many dog owners generally think of clipping as only a mechanical activity. Few understand that clipping a dog is an art. Clipping a coat or nail needs to be carried out carefully to avoid injuries to the skin or nail. Clipping of the coat is to be taken care of as per the breed characteristics. If the coat is not properly clipped, this may lead to dust accumulation in the coat and the animal may start showing signs of skin diseases. This is true especially when the grooming activities are not done properly. 

 Clipping of coat helps to get rid of the parasitic burden to a greater extent and also, the clipping of your dog is more useful to expose the type of parasitic problem that the dog is likely to suffer. Many pet health parlors are available wherein the clipping of dogs will be carried out more systematically. 

 Always make use of a sharp clipper and in the winter regions, avoid the close clipping. This is because the closer clipping in the winter seasons may expose the dog to environmental stresses like the cold climate. Hence, the dog may become more vulnerable to frostbite. Avoid the close clipping of coat or nail because this may cause injury to the underlying tissues and may cause bleeding in the concerned animal.  

 Many pet owners need to avoid any clipping activity when the animal is not in healthy status. Clipping instruments are available to a greater extent in many pet shops. Avoid the blunt instruments because they may not clip well and hence, repetition is required often. Always use modern equipment for clipping activities.  

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