What Makes an Effective Flyer?

What Makes an Effective Flyer?

You have new merchandise and you would like to promote it. You can get the news out quickly to the right people by creating a flyer that you can mail or post around town. Flyers are meant to sell, introduce or explain your products or services. Many businesses try to save money by having their flyers designed and printed by their friends or by printers. Sadly though, the savings often results in poorly written and designed flyers. A truly professional flyer requires savvy market strategy, expert design, and attention to production cost.     

Flyers serve two purposes. First off, they provide the space necessary to present lots of information. Second, it acts as a stopper that hooks prospects with a stunning image and attracts them with a stimulating headline. So, when you design and create a flyer you have to decide which elements such as addresses and coupons you want the flyer to contain. You can also personalize the flyer by choosing the color and font schemes that best reflect your business identity. 

So, what makes an effective flyer? 

Creativity. You have to make your flyer different and unique from everyone around it. Make sure that the images and illustrations are clear, not enlarged or blurred. 

White space. It’s often tempting to crowd as much information as possible into a small space. But keep in mind that a sea of dull text won’t get read. The white space area of your flyer that doesn’t have any text or graphics can invite readers to see what you are selling. Thus, enough white space can help lead your reader to the important information. 

Consistency. People often expect to see certain objects in similar places. This way it would be easy for them to look for these objects next time. Consistent advertisements will use the same color, logo, layout, images, and spacing. 

Simplicity. As always it is important to have a simple flyer. Most people would skim the flyer on first look. They would only read the rest of the flyer when they think that it is interesting. You can maximize reading by keeping the information short and to the point.   

It takes time to make an impression. The first appearance of your ad may be scarcely noticed, the second noticed but not remembered and the third may make a slight impression. Thus, if there is originality, clearness, and brevity in your flyer chances are your flyer will get noticed amidst the sea of flyers around.

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