What is Textual Advertising?

What is Textual Advertising?

Textual advertising is a paid assortment of announcements that appear on the first pages of results in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Overture, etc.). They have recently become an important consideration when marketing a company’s website in NY. The times the advertisement appears depends on the keywords and web design chosen by the website marketer, in addition to appearing as “text” rather than a graphic or banner. Therefore, such advertising is referred to as "textual".

It is a rather new kind of advertising on the Internet. However, the market for textual advertising is constantly expanding, and the sales volume generated through search engines increases. Many advantages have made textual advertising attractive in advertisers’ opinion.

First, as opposed to other kinds of Internet advertising, for example, banner displays, your announcements are shown only to those customers who search for products or services similar to yours. For example, my firm could select keywords such as “web site design and marketing in New York, NY”, so that the advertisements appear only when potential clients enter a combination of those keywords in the search engines.

Another advantage is connected to the principle of cost - in most cases, you pay not for the number of times the ad is displayed, as in banner advertising, but only when users "click" on your textual advertisements.

The third advantage is that even the basic advertising platforms offer well-developed systems for results reporting, the tools to choose a target audience and to predetermine campaign expenditures. This allows advertisers to control the budget and target customers for each keyword (such as “web design”), or geographic area (such as New York, NY) of your advertising campaign.

Overall, many internet marketing experts agree that textual advertising is the wave of the future, and will soon either almost or entirely replace banner, graphical, and other forms of untargeted, obtrusive, and annoying online advertising.


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