How To Win Love Back

How To Win Love Back

How to win love back is a topic that I want to talk about today.  Too many people do this all wrong.  They think that they must aggressively pursue their ex to get him or her back.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  If you want to know how to win love back, follow the advice in this article as closely as possible.

The first thing you need to know in how to win love back arena is that you do not want to chase your ex.  

Too many guys think they must pursue their ex’s.  They send hundreds of texts, call at odd hours of the day, and even stalk their ex-girlfriend’s home.  They send flowers and gifts.  

This is wrong, wrong, wrong because it makes you look desperate.  Women like Alpha males, not sniveling guys they think are jokes.  When you appear desperate, your ex-girlfriend will start playing head games with you.  She’ll let you come over, and then invite a new guy over too.  She’ll pretend she’s interested only to go off in another direction.

And, the more you fall into this trap, the more games she’ll play.  This is not the answer to how to win love back.

Instead of chasing her and being desperate, you need to play games with her that make her come crawling to you.

When you are in a group that includes her, flirt with every girl but her.  If she has an enemy in the group, pay special attention to that girl.  By ignoring your ex, you make her want to come back to you.  You are reminding her of all of your charms, but not applying them to her.

It’s a good idea to go out on a date with one of her close friends.  Send your ex a text message saying “now that we’re just friends, I wanted your opinion on something.  Where should I take Mary to dinner after the big game?”  That is sure to make your ex-girlfriend jealous and it’s one of the tricks for how to win love back.

Even if you don’t want to play head games with your ex, there is one thing that you can do that may help you in how to win love back arena.  That is, you should be happy.

Girls like to date, happy guys.  If you work on you rather than focus on her, you have a much better chance of getting her back.

Go work out at the gym.  Hang with your buddies.  Get involved in a hobby you never had time for when you were dating her.  Go out on dates.  Even if you have to fake being happy initially, you will soon realize that you really are happy.

This way, whether you get the girl back or you move on, you will be a happier person.

And, that is my advice for how to win love back.

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