Best Seller Books On Relationships May Make A Fool Of You

Best Seller Books On Relationships May Make A Fool Of You

If your ex has just broken up with you, you may be in the marketplace for books on relationships.  But how do you choose the best books on relationships among the many offerings out there?

In this article, I will show you how to choose the best books on relationships.  And the answer will surprise you.  Read on…

First, don’t be fooled by fancy letters after an author’s name.  Many people find a school to be a convenient escape from real life.  Instead of engaging with people, they spend their time in the classroom and library.  As a result, they end up with a lot of letters after their names when they hit age 35.  They use their degrees to indicate that they have “expert knowledge” of a situation.  But does their expertise work in the real world?  

Instead, you should look for books on relationships by authors who have been in the trenches.  They’ve either put a bad relationship back together themselves or they have helped countless buddies do the same.  These aren’t therapy patients that come in for the “fifty minute hour” either.  These relationships are those of people the author cares deeply about.

Next, you want to find books that don’t boil down to “put the relationship aside for 30 days and work on yourself during that period.”  This is all most “save your relationship” or “get your ex back” reports say.  Many of the ebooks on the market turn that concept into 50-page documents.  These are just pieces of fluff and don’t deserve your attention – or your money.

Instead, you should look for a book that will give you new information; information that you’re friends can’t give you.  

For instance, will the book tell you what women crave the most?  Will it give you a step by step guide for how to give it to her?  Will the book show you how to recover from an affair?  Will it give you specific techniques to get relief from your pain?

Finally, look at who is recommending the book.  Do the testimonials seem a little generic?  Were they written by the author’s brother and second cousin?

You want to find books on relationships that come recommended by a wide variety of people, in various situations, from all walks of life.  If it looks like both a guy from England and a newly engaged woman from Kansas have used the book, chances are it will work for you.

There are many books on relationships on the market.  Unfortunately, most of them are drivel because they weren’t written by someone in the trenches.  As a result, they have generic advice that could be best summed up in a paragraph or two.  Then, what recommendations the book can get are generic in nature, because the book really has nothing going for it.

Finding the best books on relationships can take a little work.  But, everything about relationships is work.  Shouldn’t you invest the time and money in the very best book out of them?

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