7 Reasons Why Do We Blog.

7 Reasons Why Do We Blog.

Did you ever ask yourself, why do you blog, or why do you have to? Nowadays on the Internet, there are more than 70 million blogs, and it is interesting what purposes do they pursue?

Until recently, to make money online was not easy for usual people like us. 4-5 years ago it was difficult to earn something on the Net until the WEB 2.0 era had come. The only way which could help us at that time was website creating, it’s a promotion and selling of advertising places.

Today everything changed. Blog fever amplifies day by day, and everyone, who heard something about blogs, wants to have it. So, why? Let's try to make some supervision.

1. Glory. The vanity was, is and will be always. Whether is it necessary to be surprised that people wish to be famous? Look at how many amazing people did you know since you have enjoyed blogging. Seth Godin, Steve Pavlina, Darren Rowse… Did you ever know them if not blogs?

2. Self-expression. Many people are blogging because it gives them some charge of energy. I created this blog because I just want to share my thoughts… Why not? And there are guys, who are the professionals in different spheres, but they don’t have another opportunity for expression. The Internet is the best instrument for people like us.

Internet is not developed even in a half and I do not exclude such opportunity, that people will become famous all over again online and only after, in real life. Blogging is what such people need.

3. Job. For many, blogging is a real-time job. Companies are hiring people to write about their new products and their announcement. Like I wrote in my post-Occupation Blogger, the middle salary of such a blogger in the US is equal to $2,5-3 thousand per month.

4. Sale of own products. Through the Internet, we can start selling our products worldwide from the minutes after the beginning. Especially if we have an electronic product like an eBook or useful software, the Internet is the best that we can use. And people use it. The blog helps to realize these purposes.

5. Sale of affiliate products. Recently, are appeared the new techniques, which help anyone to sell affiliate products with the help of a blog. Check this out.

6. To Help Another. Yes, yes, yes… And why not? I found many blogs of family doctors, radio engineering and even workers of the zoo which are writing about what should we do in different situations.

7. Money Making Online. And eventually, people are blogging for the sake of money. Look at Jonh Chow, if to be honest, I’m not against that my blog brings me $18,000. But while I have no such purposes. And John is not alone. For many people, the blog is big business. I read somewhere, that Engadget makes more than $100,000 per month. You probably agree with me, that these people don’t have any financial problems. :)

Every one of us has different views, but they are all the same because blogging joins us. Let’s create blogs, promote them and enjoy this process, because it gives us big opportunities in our lives.
From Artem Belinskiy. www.earnexperience.com

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