Seo Highlights Google Patent Application

Seo Highlights Google Patent Application

Seo Highlights Google Patent Application

A recent patent application filed by Google details many items that search engines use to rank web pages. Specific applications are summarized as:

"Document evaluation methods, consisting of identifying documents; get one or more types of historical data related to documents, and generate scores for documents based on one or more types of historical data. "

The patent application explains significantly to those who pursue search engine optimization with Google. Patent applications can be difficult to understand, so the following is highlighted that you should consider for your SEO efforts.

Update Your Site

Updating your site is important when you want to maximize your ranking on Google. In addition to manipulating keyword density and meta tags, patent applications reveal that Google gives significant value to how often your content is updated. The more often you update, your site that is timely and relevant will appear on Google. In turn, this leads to a higher rank.

To calm the mighty Google, consider the following action plans:

1. Update the page as often as possible,

2. Add a new page to your site,

3. Link new pages with other people on your site, and

4. Add new pages every week, not all at once.

When Google returns to the site, you want to make sure there is new content. A high ranking blog site is proof of this approach.

Google sees your domain

In a new round, Google claims that it analyzes the number of years of domain registration as part of the ranking process. So... This application suggests that domains registered for a longer period of time be given more value because such commitments indicate the site is not a fly-by-night jump page. You are advised to extend all domain registrations for as long as possible as part of your search engine optimization efforts. It is difficult to say how much the registration process has an impact on the ranking process, but every little helps.

Google claims that it also digs deeper into domain names to evaluate the validity of the site. Factors in the evaluation include web hosts and "who" information. According to the patent application, Google maintains a hosted database that facilitates spamming from Google's search engine. Although such hosts are not specified in the application, pray to God that you do not use them. You must evaluate your host if your optimization efforts do not produce results.

If your search engine optimization efforts for Google fail, the patent application can provide an answer. Talk about the perfect e-book!

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