New-Creating Links For Seo On New Sites

Creating Links For Seo On New Sites

Creating Links For Seo On New Sites

Ah, the excitement of building links and search engine optimization. If you have a new site, here are tips that you might want to consider. Then again, you might just want to throw it.

Creating Links for SEO on New Sites

Link creation only refers to a problem known as relevance. When ranking a site in search engine results, Google tends to list the most relevant sites. There are many factors that determine relevance, but the number of other sites that are linked to you is one of them. This is why sites like IRS have high search results for tax problems even though they don't trade links.

Ideally, you only want incoming links from other sites that are relevant to the subject of your site. So... If you have a plumbing site, you want links from other plumbing or home improvement sites. Apart from all the junk e-mail you receive, links from casinos and pharmacy sites will not help determine the ranking for your plumbing site. They will damage the ranking because they are irrelevant.

When creating links to your site, Google supports increasing slow and stable links. If you want to rank top on Google, you must follow this mantra with one exception. If you have a new site, you don't need to be a slave to this approach.

As you might know, new sites are not rated by Google. Instead, your site will sit for six months or more in Google's widely discussed sandbox. Given this fact, you really don't need to worry about Google for the same time period when it comes to your links. Google won't make you rank anyway, so following the steps isn't a problem.

With the new site, I prefer to make legitimate and relevant links as soon as possible. The reason I find it useful is to start aging links as soon as possible. Links to your site tend to value more and more on other sites. From my point of view, why not maximize the amount as soon as possible? This will not damage your ranking on Google. You will not have it!

In taking this approach, I do not recommend that you buy links, use link farms or the like. I only recommend that you maximize your link trading efforts immediately to build as many links as possible and start the aging process. As you approach four months in the sandbox, you can begin to reduce your efforts to a slower and more stable approach. It worked for me.

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