New - Drama Ads That Sell

Drama Ads That Sell

Drama Ads That Sell

Think about the last car purchase you made ... Did you notice an ad that explained all the features before you bought a car? Probably not. In fact, research shows that most of us pay attention to advertisements AFTER we buy a new car.

Let's face it ... consumers are emotionally driven. They make purchases for the feelings they get and then look for logical benefits to justify the purchase. That's why we pay attention to all those advertisements after the fact!

Wise marketers make use of this broad-minded knowledge. Good advertising gets benefits in front of customers so clearly that they feel the benefits before they even buy the product. Once they see themselves enjoying it, they just "have to have it!"

1 Make the Picture Perfect

Forget about your product or service for a moment and focus on the consumer. What will he enjoy when he digs up his money and takes your product home? Put yourself in the original position, and then describe the experience in very dramatic detail.

How does it feel to be a housewife and still be able to make money? Explain freedom, confidence, things he will be able to do. Tell stories in bright words that compel the reader to come in and experience it for themselves.

You have caught them ... hook lines and ballast after they have experienced that feeling. Chances are they have dreamed it, and now they know that they can fulfill that dream through your product or service.

2. Throw At Logic They Will Justify Themselves Later.

You may have met "after sales anxiety." You make a purchase, enjoy it for a day or two and then get home ... you have a payment to make and start to wonder if you have made the right choice.

Of course, your customers will guess themselves after they make a purchase too ... that's why you need to provide logic for selling in advance - even though you know they buy for emotional satisfaction.

Let them know that this is a special reduced price ... if they buy it now. That will make them feel better about not waiting.

Tell them about other customers who are "happy they do" to make them feel not alone. Others think it is a thing to do too.

Hi, customers who enjoy products, and can feel good about a purchase, are satisfied customers who will do business with you again. Be careful that your advertising campaign is successful.

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