Do you need a sexy company logo or is the stinger more effective?

Do you need a sexy company logo or is the stinger more effective?

Do you need a sexy company logo or is the stinger more effective?

The debate about how much big reserves the company's purchasing power should be spent greedily, the great design of the design is angry and will not be resolved in this outdated article, but we can suggest a number of alternatives for ordinary company logo ideas and maybe for once bad it could be a new good. ... or something.

The company logo should make you stop and think ...

So.. how many times have you heard your design manager or someone from the marketing/advertising department about the need for smart logos or designs that 'think outside the box'? In marketing terms, this is filled with much concern by people with an awareness of reality and nodding in approval from the remnants of beats who don't know who graduated as laborers today. Thinking outside the box today is what all your competitors are doing. To move with time we have to think 'over' the box or take a retro trip and think back into the box, now everyone has gone outside to think.

The company logo must stick in your mind's eye

Continue on with our theme to get back to basics in terms of logo design. An emerging trend that has proven very beneficial in certain places is the 'very bad is good' theme. Easyjet, Pot Noodle, Tango, Spam ... I think hard above my head here, but all of these brands have languished in obscurity and have made slight changes because they have seen rocket sales. The same can be said for Cillit Bang's cleaning brand that has never been heard before - a design so confusing that you want to punch your face and with the most ridiculous name imaginable, but hey what happened, it stuck in the mind of buyers and bingo like moaning Their zombies have bought the product without really being aware of what it is and why they have just paid for it.

When a good logo turns bad or how to design a logo

Innate obsolescence plays a big role in today's fast turnaround world. In a manner similar to consumer products such as cell phones and CD players that have built-in components that only last for about a year before needing to be replaced with the latest models, graphic designers and rogue logo designers start building 'old-fashioned' fonts. and the style that will make the company logo where you spend 10,000 dollars and prove to be a big hit at the time, looks like a piece of junk this time next year. Solution: Design it as bad as possible in the first instance and the vague desire of cognoscenti mode will be faster than saying it hits - which means paying big time for you. So here's short, don't listen to your head when it says you made a terrible mistake in combining polka dot lines and patterns with some electric neon blue fonts, listen to your greedy heart and think of those dirty banknotes that will soon be piled up in your bank vault.

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