Direct Mail Advertising: How I made $47,325 in 30 days by mailing 2,200 letters

Direct Mail Advertising: How I made $47,325 in 30 days by mailing 2,200 letters
Direct Mail Advertising: How I made $47,325 in 30 days by mailing 2,200 letters

How do you create a direct mail advertising campaign that gets results?  

The following tips on creating a direct mail advertising campaign have been street-tested and will bring you huge returns in a short period of time.  

In Fact, these tips enabled me to generate over $47,000 in mortgage commissions in less than 30 days!  Keep reading and I will share 3 key elements to creating an effective direct mail advertising campaign:

Key Element #1:  The prospect list - Mail to a targeted list of prospects

Here are a couple of ways to find targeted prospect mailing lists in your niche:

Look in your industry trade publications.  I found great list providers for my direct mail advertising campaigns in the back of Mortgage Originator Magazine – A popular mortgage industry publication.

Or, search Google.com for:  your industry + “mailing lists”.  For example, I am a mortgage lender so my search would be: mortgage + “mailing lists” in Google.com.

By the way, when purchasing a prospect list for your direct mail advertising, be sure to get some kind of personal information about your prospect to use in your campaign.

Here is an example of personal information I use in my direct mail advertising campaigns:

•  The prospect’s current mortgage company 
•  The prospect’s original loan amount 

Key Element #2: The Envelope – How to get your letter opened

The envelope must entice your prospects into opening and reading the enclosed letter.

Here are some ideas for getting your envelope opened:

1. Insert a personalized “RE:” line above your prospect’s name in a window envelope.  

I found that the original lender’s name works well in my campaigns:

RE: ABC Mortgage
John Doe
123 N Main St.
City, State Zip
---Bar Code---

2. Use this text with your return address in the upper left corner of the envelope:

Administrative Office
1234 South Broadway Pkwy.
City, State Zip

Confidential Information

Personal and Confidential

 Key Element #3: The direct mail advertising mail piece – Get your desired result

The purpose of your direct mail advertising mail piece is to get your prospect to take a desired action.  For me, that action is picking up the phone and calling me for a loan.

Here are some tips to help you get your desired result from your direct mail advertising mail piece:

1. Personalize the mail piece

If possible disclose small pieces of personal information about your prospect to get their attention and build rapport.

Here are some examples of personalized text I use in my direct mail advertising campaigns: 

“Based on your original loan with ABC Mortgage in the amount of $250,000 your new payment would be $924.05.”

“Based on our calculations, this loan program may save you $32,841 in interest charges over the next 5 years and $197,046 over the life of your mortgage!”

2. Include a few “bio lines” under your signature.  Tell them a little bit about who you are.  

Here are the “bio lines” I use:

To your financial success,

My Signature
Hartley W. Pinn, Jr

Senior Mortgage Planner
10 Years Mortgage Experience
Licensed Financial Planner
Married with 3 children

3.  Offer a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in your mail piece

If you don’t currently have a unique selling proposition for your direct mail advertising campaign – Find one.  What makes you different from your competitors?  What makes you better?  Why should a prospect use you over a competitor?  Answer these questions and you will have your unique selling proposition.

Here are some sample USP lines that work well in my direct mail advertising campaigns:

“No House Payment Until April 2006!!!  Imagine what you could do by skipping your February and March house payments.”

“Additionally, we specialize in loan programs with No Points.  We can pay this customary closing cost because we are paid directly from the new lender.”

4. The call to action

Ask them to take your desired action:

“Call now and ask for me personally so we can discuss your individual needs and goals.”  

“Be sure to visit www.YourWebsite.com to view this Free Video:  “How to Get Paid For Refinancing”.  Discover how to use your mortgage loan as a tool to secure your financial future.  It’s the most informative site on the web!!” 

Well, that’s it!  I wish you all the best with your next direct mail advertising campaign.  The only thing left for you to decide is how much money you would like to make over the next 30 days?  Mail more letters and you will generate more sales!

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