Business Directory Moves From Paper to Computer Screen

Business Directory Moves From Paper to Computer Screen
Business Directory Moves From Paper to Computer Screen

A business directory helps buyers to find businesses that sell what they want. The directories used to come printed, often on yellow pages. A buyer went to the relevant category, looked through the listings, and phoned promising suppliers.

These days, the directories are more likely to come in an online form. Online business directories have several advantages. Businesses can keep their information up to date so that a prospective buyer won't find a wrong person at the other end of the phone, for example.

Business directories not only serve consumers but also businesses. They can get their businesses listed in the directories and attract the attention of buyers who browse the directories. Much business can come in this way, particularly if the directories are online directories.

Advantages of Online Business Directories

Online business directories have several advantages compared to paper-based print directories. These include:


Users can find what they want much more easily and quickly using search and other facilities. Instead of thumbing through pages of an unwieldy volume, they just click the mouse a few times.
Much more information can be accommodated in the online directories. This includes not only information about the listed businesses but also other relevant and helpful information. Direction maps and informative topical notes are examples of such add-ons.
Information in online directories are likely to be more up to date, as listed businesses can edit their details.
Users can quickly click through to the business website and get more details. They can also contact the businesses if the details meet their expectations, or look promising.

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