Bidding Directories - General Introduction

Bidding Directories - General Introduction
Bidding Directories - General Introduction

It is the newest trend on the online market that allows users to manage and control their link placement in directories. It generally works in this way that if you bid higher on your listings then you will be placed in higher position in your category.

The main specialty for this kind of bidding is that even if your site is new and you want to make traffic flow in your site, then just by bidding more on the place where you want your site link to be placed, you can get that place. This is a very easy job, isn’t it? 

They allow you to bid by making the lists alphabetically. Your site will have more traffic if you bid higher. If your site is being listed on the 5th place and you want it to be higher, the thing that you need to do is to bid just $1 more than above listing. After this you will see that your site has gone up one place and has replaced the site link which was above yours. So, the general idea is that if you want to get more traffic to your site you need to bid more because without investment you cannot gain anything. The more you will invest the better you will gain.

Bid directories will always list the top 10 links of each category on the first page of each category and all other links apart from top 10 links will follow consecutively according to their bid. Among all categories, the overall leader who will have the highest bid will be placed at the top of the site.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a huge traffic to your site and make yourself popular in the link building world.


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